Programme summary

Morning 1 Morning 2 Afternoon Evening
Sessions 09:00-10:20 10:50-12:30 17:00-18:30 20:00-21:30
Sunday, 4th Arrivals Reception and Dinner
Monday, 5th [1] New developments in coiled coils [2] Software resources for modelling and analysis [3] Flash Presentations for Posters / Posters [4] Repeat-protein Design
Tuesday, 6th [5] Coiled-coil Design I: structure and dynamics [6] Coiled-coil Design II: function [7] Free afternoon [8] Thematically open session
Wednesday, 7th [9] Larger assemblies and materials [10] Bundles and barrels [11] Of a-fibers and β-fibers [12] Coiled coils at the membrane
Thursday, 8th [13] Natural coiled coils in signal transduction [14] Natural coiled coils in complex biological systems [15] The quest for specific binding proteins (Guest Lecture: Andreas Plückthun) Romantik Dinner
Friday, 9th Departures