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      The first Alpbach meeting was organized by John Squire and David Parry in 1993 and had as Guests of Honour Bruce Fraser and Tom MacRae.

      (top row from left) John Squire, Peter Steinert, Jenny and David Parry, Alasdair Steven, Rosemary and Andrew Miller (bottom row from left) Barbara Brodsky, Bruce and Mary Fraser, Tom MacRae

Alpbach 1993 - Programme summary

Morning Afternoon Evening
Sessions 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM 1:00 PM Lunch 6:30 - 10:00 PM (Dinner at 7:30 PM)
Sunday, 5th Arrivals Arrivals 8:00 PM Reception and Banquet
Monday, 6th 8:00 AM Session I to V: Poster Display [1] Model Systems (Carolyn Cohen) [2] Intermediate Filaments (David Parry)
Tuesday, 7th [3] Myosin/ Paramyosin/ Tropomyosin (John Squire) [4] C-Protein/ Titin/ Nebulin (Gerald Offer)
Wednesday, 8th 8:00 AM Session VI to IX: Poster Display [5] Three or More Chain Coiled-Coils (Dan Branton) [6] Collagen (1) Molecular Structure (Andrew Miller)
Thursday, 9th [7] Collagen (2) Molecular Packing (Bruce Fraser & Tom Macrae) [8] Presentation to Bruce Fraser & Tom Macrae - Special Guest Lecture (Bruce Fraser) - 8:00 PM Romantic Dinner
Friday, 10th [9] Collagen/ Elastin/ Mixed Structures (John Squire) 2:00 PM Discussion 6:30 PM Dinner
Saturday, 11th Departure Departure